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Exterior Wood Restoration Process

The Southwest sun can quickly sap the life out of your exterior woodwork. Ultraviolet light first breaks down wood finishes and then breaks down the actual wood fibers and structure under the finish, as well.

The last thing any home owner wants is to have to replace structural beams, vigas, entry doors and gates because of improper upkeep or neglect.

This is where I can be of help. I have studied finishing techniques and procedures for 28 years. My research and experience aid in the application of excellent exterior wood finishes.

First, I remove all of the damaged wood surface and the old finish from the existing beams and vigas. This can involve sanding and cleaning the wood to reveal its original beauty.

Next, re-coloration is usually required. The color coatings that I use are made by companies that have been around the longest and whose formulas put back into the wood restoratives and colors that stand fast against fading and degradation from weather.

Finally, I seal the wood with water-base or resin topcoats, sealing out moisture and providing a beautiful final finish. Some of the color coats that I use do not require top coating but they are full of UV blockers that provide the best protection for your exterior woodwork. I also provide copper covers for your viga ends so that they are continually protected from the weather.

In addition, I specialize in the restoration of exterior doors and gates. I use the same process for this, providing lasting protection for your doors and gates. I then do follow-up maintenance to keep the woodwork looking great year ‘round.

I thank you for the opportunity to help maintain your home's beauty and appeal and I look forward to working with you soon.

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