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John Brannon

From an early age I developed exceptional skill in model making, pencil drawing, oil and acrylic painting and proportion.

I received special privileges in High School art classes and was granted permission to paint a wall mural in the Grants High School lobby in 1977. They liked it enough to leave it there for thirty two years. I was commissioned to paint a building sized mural in 1985 which received the “Beautiful Albuquerque Award” in 1986. The mural entitled “Spring Cottonwoods” is at 610 Gold today after 28 years.

I was introduced to woodworking in 1987 and my future became clear. I learned door and furniture making from the craftsmen of Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico, and opened my own studio in 1990. In the years since, I have acquired a love for modern and old world styles. I learned to create the classic “Santa Fe Style” as well as my modern WovenWoods doors.

Put my talents to work for you and commission me to make something you have in mind and remember…….

Nothing beats a great entry door!